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个人装备 Personal equipment


登山靴 Climbing boots

防寒运动靴 Snow training shows

爬岩鞋 Climbing shoes

毛衬衫 Woolen Shirt

登山裤 Climbing trousers

运动衣裤 Training wear

毛内衣裤 Woolen undershirts

毛袜 Woolen socks

毛手套 Woolen glove

丝手套 Silk glove

棉手套 Cotton glove

毛衣 Sweater

风雨衣 Jaket(Windbreaker)

外裤 Over-trousers

外手套 Over-gloves

外鞋罩 Long spats

防寒帽 Bataclave

高处帽 High altitude cap

太阳帽 Glacier cap

太阳镜 Sunglasses

睡垫 Mattress

鸭绒睡垫 Down sleeping bag

鸭绒衣 Down jacket

鸭绒裤 Down trousers

鸭绒背心 Down vest

鸭绒袜 Down tent shoes/slippers

睡袋套 Sleeping bag cover

背包 Duffel bag

整理袋 Stuff bag

冰爪 Grampons

冰爪带 Grampons strap

冰爪袋 Grampons case

外靴 Over-shoes

安全帽 Helmet

冰镐 Ice axe(PIckel)

安全带 Harness

铁锁 Carabiner with safety ring

铁锁 Carabmer

小绳套 Sling

下降器 Eight rings

上升器 Jumat,Jumar clamp

水壶 Thermos

水壶 Water bottle

头灯 Headlamp

指南针 Compass

刀子 Knife

餐具 Plate and bowl

匙子 Fork and spoon

缝纫工具箱 Sewing set

唇膏 Lip cream

绳子 Nylon rope

整理袋 Chalk bag

干电池 Dry cell

手纸 Tissue pape

急用食品 Emergency equipment

火柴 Matches

打火机 Lighter

雪杖 Ski stock

鸭绒手套 Down gloves(小利整理)

共同装备 General equipment


登山绳 Climbing rope

固定绳 Fixed rope

冰锤 Ice hammer

冰杖 Ice axe

岩石锥 Rock piton

冰锥 Ice piton

一套固定器具 Jumping set

胀式岩石锥 Boit

铁锁 Carabiner

小绳套 Climbing tape,sling

雪杖 Ice stake

背架 Frame carrier

小挂梯 Tape ladder-Rope ladder

金属梯 Wire ladder

梯子 Ladder

标志杆 Marking pole/Marker pole

标志红布 Marker flag

雪锥 Snow anthor

军用帐篷 Base house(large)tent

军用帐篷 Base camp(large)tent/Mess tent

帐篷 Base camp sleeping tent

高山帐篷 High attitude tent

帐篷垫 Ground sheet

煤气炉 Gas range

煤气罐 Gas cylinder

煤气灯 Gas lamp

兰苫布 Fly sheet

雪铲 Snow shovel

雪锯 Snow saw

药品 Medicine

轻便帐篷 Bivouac tent

汽油炉 Gasoline/Oil stove

发电机 Generator

照明灯 Lamp

蜡烛 Candle

镐 Pick axe

铁锹 Shovel

炊具 Cooking equipment

捆包箱 Packing box

捆包带 Packing tape

胶带 Adhesive tape

秤 Scale

国旗 Flag

文具 Stationery

工具 Tools

氧气瓶 Oxygen cylinder

氧气面罩调节器 Regulator

高度计 Altometer

温度计 Thermometer

双筒望远镜 Binoculars

报话机 Transceiver

照相机 Camer

a胶卷 Film

干电池 Dry battery

滑雪板 Ski(小利整理)

登山用语 Technical Terms(Climbing)


大本营 Base camp

前进营地 Attack base camp

1号营地 Camp one

突击营地 Attack camp

冰塔 Cerack camp

冰瀑区 Ice fall

陡峭的岩沟 Gully

明裂缝 Crevasse

暗裂缝 Hiddent crevasse

平台 Plateau

雪沟 Couloir

尖峰 Pinnacle

刃状山脊 Knife ridge

坳部 Col

悬冰川 Hanging glacier

岩石山脊 Rock ridge

雪山脊 Snow ridge

雪壁 Snow face/wall

冰壁 Ice face/wall

横切 Traverse

开路 Snow plough,To break the trail

雪崩 Avalanche

暴风雪 Snow storm

联成结组 To rope up

自我保护 Self belay

保护地点 Belaying point

同时攀登 Moving up together

雾状天气 White out

坚硬的冰 Blue ice

山凹 Gap

岩石小裂缝 Crack

冰镐尖 Pick

冰镐刃部 Blade

冰镐反把 Shaft

冰镐前端 Spitze

事故 Accident

进山路线 Approach

山谷地形 Kar

坡 Slope

行军计划 Schedule,Acting plan

支援 Support

保护 Belay

落脚点 Stance

刨台阶 Step cut

雪檐 Cornice

第一台阶 The first step

顶峰 Top

冰柱 Icicle

帐篷柱 Tent pole

山口 Pass

冰川 Glacier

冰原 Ice field

冰舌 Ice tongue

露宿 Bivouac

冰碛 Moraine(小利整理)

登山活动 Climbing


行军计划 Schedule,Acting Plan

走吧 Let’s go! Let’s start

休息吧 Let’s(take a)rest/break!

上去吧 Let’s go up to

上,登,攀 Climb/go up

下 Go down/descend

结组 Roped-up team

固定绳索 To fix a rope

保护 To belay


打锥 To drive a piton(into the ice/rock)

打雪杖 To drive in an ice stake

挂铁锁 To fix(attack) a carabiner

挂小绳套 To put a sling

穿绳索 To thread the rope

那么,开始爬 I am coming up now


松绳索 To rappel

到了 Here we are

解除保护 Belay off!

已做好保护 Ready for belay!

绳索固定好了 I have fixed the rope

可以走了 You can come up. OK,come up!

联成结组 To rope up

把~用在这里 Let’s use——for it!

架梯子 To set a ladder

打开报话机 To call(up)

联络的时间到了 It is time to call

固定~ To fix

好了 To release

~有危险 It is dangerous that

~因为有危险 It is dangerous,because of

快快走吧 Let’s hurry up!

慢慢走吧 Let’s take easily!

右边的裂缝 Crevasse to the right

最左边的岩石 The peak on the far left

右边的岩沟 The gully on your right

那个岩石后面的平地 The plateau behind the rock

前面的雪桥 The snow bridge in from

(咱们)走吧 Let’s go!

算了吧 Let’s stop!

回去吧 Let’s go back

你走前面吧 You go first

我走前面 I will go first

右边的~ On your right. On the right

左边的~ On your left. On the left

前面的~ In front

那边的~ Opposite. The orther side

这边的~ This side

上边的~ Above

下边的~ Below

里边的~ Inside

~的后面的~ Behind

~的前面的~ In front of

装冰爪 To put on crampons

绑好冰爪带子 To tie up crampons straps

背背包 To put on a rucksack

放下背包 To take off a rucksack

从背包里拿出来 To take out from a rucksack

把~放进背包里 To put in a rucksack

拿~ To take

支援 Support

之字形攀登 Zigzag

落脚点 Stance

刨台阶 To cut steps,Step-cutting

第一台阶 The first step

露宿 Bivouac

固定保护绳索 Fix

~有雪崩的危险 There is a danger of avalanche

请把雪拿进来,请拿块雪来 To gather snow

请点火 To light the slove

请把~取出来 Take it out

请准备~ Prepare…,Get…ready…

搅一搅 To mix up to

化雪 To melt snow

作开水 To make water

把~装入水壶 To put into thermos

把~放进锅里 To put into the cooker

盖上锅盖儿 To put in the lid on the cooker

盛饭 To serve in a dish



甜 Sweet

辣 Hot

咸 Salty

淡 Not enough seasoning

吃 To eat

喝 To drink

煮 To boil

作 To cook

烧 To bake

炒 To fry

切碎 To chop

把~整理一下 To clear up, To clean up

睡觉吧 Let’s sleep

明天几点起床 What time shall we get up?

垃圾 Rubbish, Garbage, Trash

垃圾袋 Rubbish bag

把雪块堆起来 To place blocks

把~绑紧 To fasten stay

搭帐篷 To pitch tent(camp)

叠帐篷 To break camp

打开~ To open

把~关上 To close(小利整理)






It’s killing me. 折磨死我了

You flatter me. 你太夸我了

Beats me! 把我考倒了; 我也不懂

Count me in 把我也算进去; 我也要参加入

Stay in touch. 保持联络!

Hit the road. 上路了

Give it a shot! 试试看!

Got you! (骗、吓...)到你了吧!

Oh, boy! 乖乖! 唉呀! 真是!

all set 都准备妥当

Say cheese. (照相时)笑一个

My hands are tied 我无能为力

maxed out 累惨了 I’m totally maxed out.

Way to go! 作得好!; 加油!

Take it easy. 别紧张

Get out of here! 少骗我了!; 少来了!

Was my face red! 我真是非常不好意思

play by ear 看情况决定

Eat your heart out 嫉妒吧!

Suck it up! 算了吧! 不要再抱怨了好不好!

get ripped off 被敲竹杠

What a deal! 好便宜!

changed mind 改变主意

perish the thought 打消念头

Get out of the car! 下车

May god be with you. 愿上帝保佑你。

to wait patiently 耐心等待

to ride a motorcycle 骑摩托车

to travel by ship 乘船旅行

to row a boat 划小舟

A rainbow appears. 彩虹出现了。

to walk in a high wind 在强风中行走

to hang out the wash 晒干衣服

to wait hungrily 饿着肚子等着

What’s so funny? 什幺事那幺好笑?

to snore 打鼾

To plan a mountain climbing expedition. 计划登山探险。

Why don’t you change your route? 你们为什幺不变更路线呢?

What lives in there? 那里面生存着什幺呀?

I’m crazy about climbinging. 我热衷于登山运动。

Mountain-climbing is difficult. 登山是困难的事。

Hiking gives you time to think. 郊游可以使你有时间思考。

Camping with a group is fun. 大伙露营是趣味横生的事。

Nature is the best physician. 自然是最佳的医生。

let sleeping dogs lie (劝人家)不要招惹不需要的麻烦

Do you have the tickets, or not? 你到底有没有买票?

I know where you’re coming from. 我懂你的感觉。

You’ve got no ID card, boy! 你是小孩吧,怎幺没带身份证呀。

Wow! It’s packed. 哇! 好多人啊.

Face it. 面对现实吧!

Watch where you’re going! 走路要看路!

What are the landmarks around there? 那附近有没有什么明显的建筑物没有?

Pictures time! 照相了!

Could you take a picture for me? 你能不能帮我照张相?

You are very photogenic. 你非常上相.

It won’t be long before we hit the road.


We continued to struggle up the steep slope of the mountain.


Ouch! I fell down and cut my knee!


All the figures tally with the projected total.


We are of the same mind, so let us act quickly.


The adventure had been planned for quite a while.


From the mountain, you can look off across the valley.


Look over to the southeast and you can see the con stellation of Orion.


We can’t fly our kites any more because the wind has stopped.


I wish I were running across an open field.


A:Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

A: 谢谢你的帮忙, 我真的很感谢。

B: Any time.

B: 不客气!

A: Do you want to come in for some tea?

A: 你要不要进来喝个茶呢?

B: No. I’m running late. I really need to hit the road.

B: 不了。我快迟到了, 得上路了。

A: Excuse me. I have to catch some Zs.

A: 抱歉! 我想小睡一下。

B: I thought you just woke up. Sleepy head.

B: 我以为你才刚睡醒。爱睡虫。

A: Dan forgot his map?

A: Dan 忘了带地图了吗?

B: Yep! And he’s bound to lose his way.

B: 是的! 他铁定要迷路了。

A: What time are we going home today?

A: 我们今天什幺时候回家啊?

B: I don’t know. I think we should just play by ear and have a good time out today.

B: 不知道。我想我们应该(出来了)就好好的玩, 看情形再说啰!

A: How about going hiking with us?

A: 一起去郊游可以吗?

B: Sounds good to me. Where do you want to go?

B: 很好啊,你想去哪?

A: Let’s go up to the mountains. It should be beautiful there.

A: 上山吧,那里景色应该很不错

B: OK. Just give me a few minutes to get ready.

B: 行,我马上准备好




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