Atlas Snowshoe(阿特拉斯)

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Atlas Snowshoe(阿特拉斯)

品牌名称:Atlas Snowshoe Company




Atlas Snowshoe Company是一家美国户外用品生产商,主要产品有雪地鞋等。

阿特拉斯的故事开始于1990年,创始人佩里 克雷巴恩,他有制作专业的雪鞋的想法,却又没有厂商设计实施。 克雷巴恩很快就开发了自己的想法,他从斯坦福大学的产品设计方案的工程硕士研究生学位论文项目,并创建了一个革命性的新雪鞋。原来阿特拉斯雪鞋申请专利,克雷巴恩获得第一项专利授予雪在40岁以上。随着开发的继续,像双冰爪设计和弹簧™悬架的创新成为阿特拉斯雪鞋的设计原则,并彻底改变了雪鞋运动。

有了这些高效化,轻量化,紧凑型雪,雪鞋已成为世界各地越来越受欢迎。多年来,阿特拉斯雪鞋公司,现总部设在西雅图,华盛顿,一直延续到雪鞋技术创新。到今天为止,我们已经获得专利19项,从脚跟夹板轮廓鞋垫,SureClick™扣,雪鞋的框架tailjoints和我们最新的 - 椭圆截面管,提供我们的7075 ReactiV帧的强度和耐久性。

The Atlas Story

The Atlas story began in 1990 when founder Perry Klebahn, who was looking to snowshoeing to help recover from a motorcycle injury, became frustrated with the designs of the time. Klebahn soon developed his own ideas, and created a revolutionary new snowshoe as the thesis project for his graduate engineering degree from Stanford University's product design program. Applying for patents on the original Atlas snowshoe, Klebahn was awarded the first patent granted for snowshoes in over 40 years. As development continued, innovations like the dual crampon design and Spring-Loaded™ Suspension became tenets of Atlas snowshoe designs and revolutionized the sport of snowshoeing.

With these efficient, lighter, compact snowshoes, snowshoeing has become increasingly popular throughout the world. Over the years, Atlas Snow-Shoe Company, now based in Seattle, WA, has continued to innovate in snowshoe technology. To date, we have been awarded 19 patents, from heel cleats to contoured footbeds, SureClick™ buckles, snowshoe frame tailjoints and our latest - the elliptical cross-section tubing that provides the strength and durability of our 7075 ReactiV™ frames.

The snowshoes we build today are the most technical, dependable snowshoes around, with technology that enhances winter, rather than overpowering or complicating it. For that reason, Atlas snowshoes are the choice of professional guides, elite athletes, the US Military Special Operations Forces and wilderness expeditions. We are passionate about the products we make, researching, designing and testing our snowshoes in the harshest conditions of winter to build high-performance, reliable, comfortable snowshoes for enthusiasts who refuse to retire to the fireside when the wide wilderness lies beneath winter's coat.


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